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The attention to the environmental conservation by technicians and citizens is getting higher and higher.

In order to fulfil this need the EU directive 2008/98 Ce adopted in Italiy by the legislative decree n° 205/2010, ordain that by 2020 the 70% of debris removal must be recycled, while nowadays it just reach a 10% over 40 million tones produced every year.

During renovation work the environmental impact is significant, infact removed debris must be carried to a dump and the same quantity of new material has to be extracted from the quarry and then trasported and installed on site. The energetic balance of this operation, inclusive of greenhouse gases emission, is particularly negative and impacting for the environment.

The best environmentally friendly solution is to avoid the production of debris.

STARK WRS srl uses liquid waterproofing products that allow to perform a waterproof covering over old floors of terraces, penthouses, balconies and porches with only 4mm of thickness, AVOIDING ANY KIND OF DEMOLITION and with no need to modify plumbing, doorsteps or slopes.
These produts are certified for heavy usage and satisfy the best performances according to the EU regulation ETA-G 005. Moreover they perfectly resist to mechanical, thermal and chemical stress; they can also be decorated with elegant finishing or exclusive colouring.

It is important to highlight the extraordinary historical value of most of the Italian and European buildings, both in the big cities and in the small villages. A survey published by the Royal Institute of British Architects explains that the maintenance costs beared during the life cycle of the building are definitely higher than the construction ones. Moreover in the service sector the maintenance costs are five times higher than the initial investment.

It’s clear that to get a good economic sustainability of the construction, in terms of investment, it is necessary to limit as much as possible the maintenance during the building life. This is possible thanks to high quality interventions, achived by using guaranteed performance material installed by professionals.

High quality services considerably extend the maintenances intervals, reducing the inconviniences and the damages to the works. Optimizes interventions allow then to obtain a considerable cost saving, representing, an investment and not a cost.

STARK WRS srl boast of a wide range of solutions y according to the customer needs and requirements.
Among our offers you can find:

  •  Operations with liquid waterproofing produts applicable to terraces, penthouses, balconies and porches, installed with no demolition or modification, which adhere on the old one, and in the most of the cases last till the end of the building life with no need of further intervention. Possible further maintenances are quick, cheap and noninvasive, in full compliance with the environmental sustainability parameters;
  •  Waterproofing interventions with high gsm bituminous membrane or with synthetic materials;
  •  Energetic requalification actions with proper thermal insulation and skylights installation;
  •  Coverage painting is made with specific products that allow to achieve SRI (solar reflectance index) >100. This permits to obtain LEED credits for the reduction of the heat-island effect, besides a consequently remarkable decrease in temperature and therefore a significant eco-save in the building air conditioning.
  •  Life lines (mobile anchor lines) installation.


This company takes advantage of the long term experience of its professionals, who have worked in the waterproofing and converings sector both in Italy and abroad. Our accomplished and competent staff operates on underground and above ground structures, new buildings or property renovation, both in civil and industrial coverings.


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